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Outsourcing & Payroll Management Services

Outsourcing & Payroll Management Services

TPSJOB enables high performance for our clients business operations through outsourcing management. Our experience and global capabilities make us a world leader in application outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing and bundled outsourcing. We touch every industry and business process for outsourcing services. We transform our clients business operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper, while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing.

The Outsourcing & Payroll Management services are offered to meet with the manpower requirements of outsourcing industry and managing the entire operational work. Outsourcing sector has grown meticulously in last few years, which has drawn the requirements of workforce quickly. Outsourcing sector is a package of operational tasks related to particular business that is performed by a third party on contractual basis. We offers Recruitment process outsourcing & RPO solutions in India to the firms. Work as an outplacement consultants and provide the complete recruitment solutions including sourcing, screening, short listing and selecting candidates.

Our consultancy service provides suitable candidates for the firms, who can manage the entire operation process with their skills. Good communication skills with full generosity, able to work in shifts, building relationships and command over English speaking are the skills required to get through our procedure of consultancy service.

We also recruit candidate as:
  • Contract to Hire
  • Third Party Payroll

With the change in business culture, outsourcing company's recruitment process to India is picking-up pace. The quality of work we endorse within the stipulated time maintaining the stature of efficiency and efficacy has attracted more entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. While each has different perspective and objective, the common benefits that everyone can make are explained below:

Decrease in overall cost per recruitment:
Out of all your earnings, a major portion is spent to meet expenses on labour as well as building and maintaining computer assets. With our best cost-effective solutions, you will considerably save money flow under these heads. Sooner the results will reflect your cost-statements, when you check a notable decrease in overall cost expenditure along an upraising graph of cost-benefit ratio.

Focus more on core business line:
A study has revealed that almost 70 percent of the work carried over in a recruitment process is considered as 'non-core' to your business. Thus, by entrusting us the burden of your operational recruitment activities, you can focus more on core business activities, which really drives your business.

Higher quality of service:
Our team constitutes of well qualified and highly trained professionals. May it be the team leaders, the process experts, the researchers, or the trainees all of them hold a competitive edge in their field. They possess in-depth knowledge on the subject to source you with the right candidate from the bunch of folks.

Efficient use of resources:
Try to identify whether your team is putting in the most efficient time doing their duties, or do they have to spend more time of their working day on duties that are non-core, prima-facie. When such is the case, you should benefit from outsourcing non-core activities of the process.

Building a competitive edge:
Corporates aspiring to build large talent pools within a short period of time are at a loss when it comes to assessing and selecting resumes. We give you the bandwidth to select the right talent by sourcing "passive/active candidates".

With changing market realities and evolving business requirements, the need for skilled workforce keeps changing. Temporary workforce offers an advantage of short term skill requirement for an organization when time and productivity both become simultaneous and equally crucial factors. It is hence no surprise that the trend is gaining popularity amongst HR professionals as key hiring strategies in India.

Ajeets is one of the leading talent search firm which offers customized solutions for temp staffing. We offer skilled professionals for temporary requirements across various industry verticals as well as hierarchical segments.Whether you are scaling up or scaling down, or adapting to seasonal nature of the business, experts at Ajeets can help you focus on the core activities while we manage the talent hiring.