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Marine & Shipyard Recruitment Services

Marine & Shipyard Recruitment Services
Globalization has brought new heights to Marine and Shipyard industry. Being a leading placement service provider, we offer the best human resource solutions to marine industry by comprehending its requirements precisely. In recruitment service, we select candidates by evaluating their skills through a number of rounds of interview and then carry out proper documentation verification. We also offer assistance to our clients in providing training, travel and operational requirements that facilitates full crew management facility. We are the marine & shipyard recruitment company offering jobs for marine recruiters office.

Ship Builders, Charter Boat Owners, Ship Repair Yards, Marine Equipment Manufactures, Port Officials & Port Engineers, Electric Engineers, Marina Operators, Marine Surveyors, Geology, Geophysics and Geo-techniques, Hydrographic, Meteorology, Oceanography, Renewable Energies, Commercial Boat Builders, Marine Engineers, Architects, Port Authority, ROV’s, Sensors, Sonar, Diesel/Electric Generators,  

Skills required in marine and shipyard industry:
  • Marine knowledge
  • Able to work in team
  • Computer knowledge
  • Comfortable in maximum travelling on or under the sea
  • Knowledge of submersibles
  • Deep understanding of physics basics

Positions available in marine & shipyard industry:
  • Marine carpenters
  • Electrician
  • Marine automation service engineer
  • Work preparator
  • Piping draftsman
  • Marine engineers
  • Marine safety and quality
  • Deck engineer
  • Dock master
  • Onshore marine coordinator
  • Operators and charters
  • Marine officer
  • Marine corps
  • Captain SDPO
  • Captain
  • Chief Mate
  • Mate SDPO
  • Mate
  • Second Mate
  • Chief Engineer SDPO
  • Chief Engineer
  • Second Engineer
  • Seaman
  • Oiler
  • Boat Driver
  • Radio Officer
  • ETO
  • Electrician
  • Cook
  • Steward
  • Crane Operator